WooHoo! Another CC/ABS Award!

ABS13_sprd_KERICKSON-2-lowWe don’t like to brag too much…but we just can’t help ourselves when Cosmetologists Chicago continues to win awards for our exclusive marketing campaigns for America’s Beauty Show.

Well, we’ve done it again. This time the award is for our “Blonde Molecule” advertisement in salon industry publications to support the 2013 America’s Beauty Show. Graphic Design USA has presented us with the 2013 American Graphic Design Award…from among more than 8,000 entries!

This is the 5th time CC/ABS has won this award…for our collaboration with Luis Alvarez, co-founder of Aquage and his talented team.

According to CC Creative Director Kristen Erickson, “Working with Luis and the Aquage Artistic Team blows my mind creatively…every time. Aquage is a well-oiled machine. When we collaborate I always feel such a powerful, magnetic energy around us and I’m honored to be there, my goose-bumps included.”

So the next time you see this creative team, pat them on the back or give a hug…they deserve it!

But enough about last year…NEXT YEAR’S ABS is going to really rock!

So save the dates today – March 22-24, 2014 at McCormick Place in downtown Chicago.

And we know how exciting downtown Chicago is! It’s filled with restaurants that win foodie awards year after year; hotels that hold guest services to the highest standards, and often have great views of the city; museums, galleries, clubs and theaters offering an amazing cultural life for residents and visitors.

Then there’s the MUSIC! You name it…Chicago’s got it…from the Blues to Jazz to Rock…and lots of Classical performances too.

Whatever you want to hear, see or do to make your professional visit to America’s Beauty Show even more memorable…it’s all possible in CHIC-A-GO!




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  1. Exciting, spectacular this sets the pace for a another awesome Show!

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