Service with a Smile

Hair_by_Teri_DoughertyAccording to many attendees at Cosmetologists Chicago’s May 5th FIRST MONDAYS educational session, Aloxxi’s Artistic Advisor, Teri Dougherty, gave them the “royal treatment” in the form of a blueprint for the hair cutting and coloring design process.

Teri, an award-winning educator, demonstrated usable salon styles as well as shared tips on how to work smarter, make a bigger impact on clients, save time and make money…every day in every salon.

Here are some fun, practical tips and comments on client relations from Teri:

  • Reassure your client as you are doing her hair by telling her how excited you are about her new color, especially as you’re matching color to her personality.
  • Offer her the retail products she needs. Educate your client on what products were used during her service, and how your recommendation will protect her new hair color. It’s best for her hair that your client buys what you, the hairdresser, prescribes. When you’re finished, bring her to the reception desk, along with the products you used and recommended. The front desk can help you close the sale.
  • Reschedule your client at the end of her appointment. By booking her appointment in the appropriate number of weeks, your client can plan her schedule accordingly, and keep her color looking best.
  • Service is what keeps clients coming back. I once knew a hairdresser who was so amazing, and could do anything. I watched her in awe! BUT, she lacked customer service, personality, and had no passion for her clients. She treated her clients like a number, thus had a bad return on client retention.

I knew another hairdresser whose work was interesting, creative, unique and sometimes off-the-wall (Remember, it’s an art, and we all have our own interpretations ;>).  AND, he had a fantastic personality, he cared so much about the client, and he always gave his clients his full attention. His clients had an incredible experience every time they came in. They were lined up at the door to seem him, because of his passion and great customer service!

  • As hairdressers, we have to learn to adapt to each client’s personality. Mirror them, and reflect back to them about their needs and wants during the consultation process. Remember, the chameleon changes its color to adapt to its environment. Be a chameleon and watch your profits grow!

Wow! Thanks, Teri!

Learn More, and Earn More®, is Cosmetologists Chicago’s trademark. Learn even more at the next FIRST MONDAYS presentation on Monday, June 2, with Jill Glaser of Makeup First, for “The Bridal Party in High Definition.”


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  1. Vince D'Astice says:

    Teri is an exciting educator. I liked her down to earth approach and sense of humor. As always I appreciate when I can to walk away with techniques and tricks that I can use the next day in the salon and Teri and her co-worker did not disappoint. Thank you CC for a great evening of learning.

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