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Cosmetologists Chicago’s Board of Directors is made up entirely of licensed professionals who have real-world experience in all facets of the salon industry. A diverse and dedicated group, they set the scope for all CC activities and policies. They do it all as volunteers, and with the best interests of all salon pros and students as their top priority.

The 2013-14 Board members are listed below… If you see any of them, and you will at our FIRST MONDAYS education events, please thank them for their service to CC and the industry.

kathyjagerOne CC Board member, Kathy Jager, is an independent salon owner who also writes, lectures and trains salon owners and school educators to make good decisions and improve their businesses.

Kathy was recently featured in both BeautyLink on Engaged Learning: The Journey of Human Connection and ModernSalon.com with the following article on handling client complaints. Congrats to Kathy…who works hard behind the chair, and shares her experiences with others, all to make this industry better.

And thanks to MODERN SALON Media for featuring Kathy!

5 Quick Tips for Handling Client Complaints

Posted by By Lauren Salapatek | 08/26/2013

“Kathy Jager, Author of “As The Chair Turns” Kathy Jager, author of “As the Chair Turns” sends out frequent e-mail newsletters to her subscribers. Here, she offers 5 quick tips for handling client complaints, a difficult topic to address.

“With 20% of clients leaving your salon yearly, you need to know how to turn a negative experience into a positive one! Knowing when clients are dissatisfied and doing something about it before they tell all their friends is a great way to customer satisfaction,” says Jager.

“Complaints are a gift if you are willing to resolve the situation to enhance the client’s dissatisfaction. Remember most clients don’t complain to you. They will walk away, never to return but tell everyone they know their personal experience with you. ”

Here are a few tips to redeem their trust:

Acknowledge their Disappointment: You need to be able to read the clients face and body language when you sense disappointment. Ask them how they feel about their new look or service and offer them the chance to express the truth.

Repeat what they said: To ensure they know you heard them, repeat their complaint and share some new insight or suggestions to help fix the situation.

Show Appreciation: Acknowledge that you value them as a loyal client. Say you’re sorry they are disappointed and create that safety net to get them to respond with the second opportunity to let you redo the service to give them what they want.

Keep Your Promise: To fulfill their needs whether it has to be something they need to come back for, honoring a gift receipt, or promising not to repeat the mistake.

Create Open Communication: Be a conscious listener…Hear what they are saying and ask a lot of probing questions to create an environment of faith and trust of being their personal stylist.

Remember: Complaints make room for growth personally as well as professionally, just take the critique and learn from it.


FIRST MONDAYSDon’t miss Kathy Jager’s FIRST MONDAYS presentation on Monday, September 29th!

The 2013-14 Cosmetologists Chicago Executive Committee 

  • Joseph Cartagena, President – Genacelli Salon & Day Spa
  • Denise Provenzano 1st Vice President – Zano Salons & Spa
  • Larry Silvestri, 2nd Vice President – Mario Tricoci Salons and Spas
  • Robert Passage, Secretary – Pivot Point International, Inc.
  • Karen Gordon, Treasurer – J. Gordon Designs
  • Frank Gironda, Immediate Past President – Frank Gironda Salon & Day Spa

Cosmetologists Chicago Directors

  • Bonnie Canavino, Red Cherry Group
  • Paul Chambers, Paul Chambers Salon
  • Lorrene Conino, Salon Lorrene
  • Kathy Jager, Kathy Jager & Associates
  •  Debra Jargstorf, Empire Schools
  • Rosa Paz, Trio Evanston
  • Lisa Ryan, Love My Results Beauty
  • Adjunct Directors: Forest Coburn, SalonCentric; and  Frank Fulco, CosmoProf
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