Is your business complying with new Chicago and Cook County, IL paid sick leave ordinances?

Kimberly A. Ross

By Kimberly Ross, partner, Ford & Harrison LLP

Both Chicago and Cook County have enacted paid sick leave (PSL) ordinances that went into effect July 1, 2017.

It is now mandatory for employers to at least provide the necessary notices to employees with their first paychecks after July 1, which can be found here for Chicago and here for Cook County, and post those notices in the same place they post all other employment law notices.

Even if employers have already missed this deadline, they must still immediately do so, and will hopefully avoid any issues down the road. Until employers can get written policies in place, they should also be carefully tracking all employees’ hours (which is required under the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act anyway), and tracking the accrual of PSL in at least the minimum required manner as stated in the two ordinances.

This Alert is intended to remind employers with employees performing work in Chicago and Cook County that they must immediately evaluate their current leave policies to determine whether they comply with the requirements for paid sick leave, or whether they will need to draft an entirely new policy.

Because of the complexities of these new ordinances and the differences in interpretations, we have separately prepared a more detailed article that can be accessed here. Within the more detailed article, readers will find links to both ordinances, both sets of rules, and a handy chart that compares and contrasts the differences in the two sets of rules.

If you have any questions regarding this Alert, please feel free to contact the author, Kimberly A. Ross, Cosmetologists Chicago also suggests you contact your own business attorney with questions and for clarification pertinent to your particular situation.


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