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Amanda Feliciana (left) and Deb Jargstorf (right), Empire Academy

Amanda Feliciano (left) and Deb Jargstorf (right), instructor at Empire Academy and a member of Cosmetologists Chicago’s Board of Directors

Every month Cosmetologists Chicago visits a cosmetology school and awards the CC Student of the Month. This August, we feature Amanda Feliciano of Empire Academy. CC Voices sat down with Amanda and learned more about her goals and her passion. Special thanks to CC Board of Directors member Deb Jargsdorf for suggesting Amanda to us.

CC: Why do you want to be a beauty professional?

AF: I didn’t know at first that this was what I wanted to do. I worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant, but it wasn’t my passion. Then I went to school for teaching, but that also wasn’t my passion. One day my mom mentioned to me that beauty was my hobby. I was always trying out makeup tutorials after school and experimenting with hairstyles. My family was supportive, and Empire’s night school program made it possible for me to go to school while still working.

CC: Who or what is your inspiration?

AF: Miss Deb is my inspiration. It’s always easy to talk to her, and we’ve grown a strong connection. She always tells me to do what I love, is the person I can talk to about anything, she gives good advice, and always listens. Sam Villa also inspires me. He is a master cutter, but his videos and tutorials are easy to understand because he explains everything in such a clear way.

CC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

AF: I want to be a performer, because I have a heart for sharing. I want to help people learn and share what I love, hopefully as a main stage artist. I would also like to be a teacher.

CC: What are you looking forward to most at America’s Beauty Show?

AF: This past year I got to see a lot of artists at the student assembly on Monday, which I loved. I was really focused on seeing the stage shows, especially the men’s cuts. I was really drawn to the men’s cuts this year. I stayed in Chicago all weekend to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Next year I am looking forward to seeing more men’s cuts and barbering, because that seems to be the next big thing. I love America’s Beauty Show because every year you can have a different experience and learn something new.

Deb Jargstorf, Empire Academy, adds to why she chose Amanda for CC’s Student of the Month:

I chose Amanda Feliciano as a nominee for CC Student of the Month for multiple reasons. However, what is most impressive to me about Amanda is her true love of the craft and her optimism and enthusiasm, concerning her future as a salon professional. Technical skills can be taught and polished and Amanda is eager to learn, but a genuine personal drive, that embraces everything our amazing industry offers, and the willingness to do whatever it may take, to make it, is part of the core make up of an individual. I see this in Amanda. I am confident, that in surrounding herself with those who will continue to point Amanda in the right direction and remind her of the personal rewards, that a confident and optimistic attitude will bring, she will go on to make a difference in her own life and the lives of those she touches. Amanda is truly working to make the world a more beautiful place.

Check out some of Amanda’s fabulous work!




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