CC’s Student of the Month – Al Campbell

Cosmetologists Chicago's November Student of the Month - Al Campbell

Cosmetologists Chicago’s November Student of the Month – Al Campbell, Pivot Point Academy, Evanston, IL

Cosmetologists Chicago initiated a new program beginning in November… The CC Student of the Month.

Each month, your association will acknowledge an outstanding student currently at a local cosmetology school. They’ll receive a certificate and a gift bag full of professional products from our America’s Beauty Show exhibitors.

Applause all around! This is the future of our industry and our association!

First up is Al Campbell who is studying at the Pivot Point Academy in Evanston, IL

Cosmetologists Chicago's Gena Parsons, Al Campbell and Cosmetologists Chicago's Kristen Erickson

Cosmetologists Chicago’s Gena Parsons (left) and Kristen Erickson (right) present Al Campbell with a Student of the Month certificate.

Here’s the gist of CC’s interview with Al…

Why do you want to be a beauty professional?  Well, it was just in me; like I was born with it. I’ve been playing with hair since I was a baby. I had hairstylists on both sides of my family, so I grew up in the hairstyling world.

Who or what is your inspiration? My family inspires me, and I strive to be as great as some of the people who came before me. I live every day to make my family proud.

What is your favorite part of school?  If I had to choose one thing, I would have to say long hair design. I like how creative you can be. There are pretty much no limits to what you can do. You can create so many different things.

Where do you see yourself in five years? I see myself as a platform artist, a traveling stylist. I would like to work on movie or TV sets and fashion shows. I also plan to have a successful extensions line. I love extensions. That’s one of my strongest suits. Prior to going to school, I worked on extensions a lot. That’s where I’ve gained most of my popularity with friends and family, and I would definitely like to keep that ball rolling.

Have you been to America’s Beauty Show? Yes, I have!

What are you looking forward to most at America’s Beauty Show in 2015? I’m looking forward to getting around and enjoying the entire show. Last year I worked the show with my aunt’s nail polish line. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and networking. I’m also looking forward to seeing the featured runway artists, asking questions, and seeing how they operate because that’s what I want to do in the future.

Jenny Allen, Admissions & Events Specialist, Pivot Point International, Inc., adds to Al’s interview:

“We selected Al because he is a great example of a NEXTGEN rising star in the beauty industry. Al is driven. He is a great motivator to his peers and his skills are incredible, specifically long hair design and extensions. Hi clients adore him and take comfort in his chair-side manner. He takes advantage of opportunities that come his way, whether it be assisting the school with special projects or competing, like he did recently at IACS Student Competition – he took 5th place out of 27 in the Long Hair Category.”

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  1. LaVada Condict says:

    Congratulations Al ! You are going to be a great asset to the Hair Industry ! Keep up the good work. Sincerely, a Pivot Point Grad.(1983), LaVada Condict

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