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Photo courtesy of Light Elegance

Nail services are a big deal in the Chicagoland area, and good nail technicians are getting harder and harder to find, say many of CC’s leading salon owners.

One way to make sure nail techs are up to date on the newest techniques and products is by offering education that translates to Continuing Education Hours for state licensure renewal.

But who has time to go to class after class after class to get the 10 hours required for license renewal in Illinois? Cosmetologists Chicago and its International Nail Technicians Association to the rescue!

Recently, an eager-to-learn group of nails technicians spent the day with CC, INTA and some of the best educators around, to get all of the 10 hours needed to renew…in just one fact-packed day!

All the topics were covered in an atmosphere that allowed attendees to get “up close and personal” with their educators, often looking over their shoulders to see the intricacies of today’s most popular nail services.

Paula Knight-Osborne educates for Nail Harmony/Gelish

Paula Knight-Osborne educates for Nail Harmony/Gelish

“Thank you INTA for hosting the ‘Full Day of Nail Education’ event on September 29th,” said MJ Zwirowski, owner of Tipz n Toez, Ltd, Naperville, IL. “This event was top notch. All of the educators featured portrayed nothing but professionalism in their presentations. Added bonus, Continuing Education Hours!”

“After leaving a big salon last year, one of the things I knew I was going to miss was the ongoing education,” said T. J. Nguyen, Lily Nails, Woodridge, IL. “With education events like this, I don’t feel like I’ve missed out at all. If anything, it opened my eyes up to a whole new world of nails.”

Jayne Berger of Light Elegance

Jayne Berger of Light Elegance teaches techs

Jayne Berger of Light Elegance, Margaret Haden-Pawlowski of Footlogix, and Paula Knight-Osborne of Nail Harmony/Gelish each offered multi-hour classes in nail art, pedicures and the latest polymer techniques, and spent time answering questions, demonstrating techniques and helping with business and career building ideas.

If you missed the class but want more information and education about the nail care for hands and feet, click on: Light Elegance, Footlogix and Gelishto go directly to the company homepages for videos, techniques and news.

Cosmetologists Chicago always partners with the finest companies and educators throughout the year to offer education in all the beauty disciplines. Most represent the amazing exhibitors from our annual America’s Beauty Show. With First Mondays, America’s Beauty Show (March 21-23, 2015), and special classes for hot topics that take place in the neighborhoods and suburbs of Chicago; CC is here to help you move forward.










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