CC Scholarships Mean Business!


Kathy Jager – hair stylist, independent salon owner, author and educator

We thought we’d let you in on some great correspondence between Cosmetologists Chicago Board Members (with their permission of course!).

Kathy Jager, hair stylist, independent salon owner, author and educator shares her thankfulness to CC for the scholarships she’s received and how they’ve helped her career.

Dear Paul and CC Board:

It is with great gratitude that I want to Thank You for allowing me to pursue my career goals through the generosity of CC’s Scholarships. Yesterday I took the Aquage Master Class, which will be the last of the many wonderful, educational, experiences CC provided for me through your generous scholarships and my longstanding membership. I cannot believe I actually exhausted the entire amount that one can be granted with a CC membership!

What an amazing opportunity you have offered to me over the years. I was able to use CC scholarship funds to upgrade and empower my career in so many directions. From being around top educators, to spending time with some of the best women artists in our industry, your scholarships allowed me to open my career eyes to all that the beauty industry has to offer.

The benefits of these funds have given me the chance to continue growing as a beauty professional, and inspired me to explore new directions and network with professionals who truly care about their career. Your scholarships helped to create that “bit of magic” that happened inside of me every time I was being challenged to learn or even re-learn skills that will stay with me long after the classes are over.

Thank you Cosmetologists Chicago for your commitment to the beauty professional and for being the place where I belong!


Paul Dykstra, CEO, Cosmetologists Chicago and America’s Beauty Show responds:

Kathy —

On behalf of the officers, directors, members and supporters of Cosmetologists Chicago, it is my honor to congratulate you on such an amazing accomplishment.  Your participation and belief in your professional organization are exemplified by your constant pursuit of advancing your education.  Cosmetologists Chicago is proud to have been a part, as you reflect our highest organizational ideals!

You may be the first member to ever have exhausted the $7,500 scholarship cap! I hope more of our members will take advantage of this an amazing benefit.


CC 2nd Vice President, Robert Passage offers Kathy more congratulations and another scholarship opportunity!

Congratulations Kathy…

What a wonderful accomplishment.

You also got to spend the weekend with one of my favorite peeps, Ann Bray. My father was a great believer of lifelong learning and we continue to embrace that philosophy in all we do here at Pivot Point today. If you’re still an AACS associate member, apply for a Scholarship through the Leo Passage Endowment Fund at to attend our first Creative Jam in Chicago, November 14-15, 2015. The deadline to apply has been extended until August 3rd

I think you’d love it…



The 2015 Presidents Scholarship has passed, but Cosmetologists Chicago members can check back here this fall.


In addition to regular scholarships, each year Cosmetologists Chicago honors two deserving recipients with special scholarship funds:

The Margaret Vinci Heldt Creativity in Hairdressing Scholarship
Named after CC’s own Margaret Vinci Heldt, the creator of the iconic “Beehive” hairstyle that swept the fashion world in the 50s and 60s, this scholarship honors Margaret’s contribution to our organization and her lifelong commitment to help others through education.  The funds are designated for advanced education in the art of hairstyling.

The Lisa C Newman Foundation Scholarship
To honor the memory and contributions of Lisa C Newman, CC’s marketing director of more than 25 years, The Lisa C Newman Foundation Scholarship funds are designated for advanced study in any of the disciplines of cosmetology – hair, business/salon management, nails or skin.

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    Cosmetologists scholarships are a great idea!

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