CC FIRST MONDAYS with Kathy Jager

Kathy Jager presenting leadership styles and skills to Salon professionals and educators.

On Monday June 11, Cosmetologists Chicago held another informative FIRST MONDAYS workshop. This most recent educational event for beauty educators featured Kathy Jager, cosmetologist, educator, author and a member of the Board of Directors of Cosmetologists Chicago, on leadership lessons that impact today’s students.

CC Voices was able to catch up with Kathy to hear her tips for teachers to become the best leaders they can be.

CCV: In your professional opinion, what are the most effective leadership styles for cosmetology teachers?

KJ: My advice would be to take them on a tour and offer your personal touch as a beauty professional as well as a teacher. Learn about your student so that you guide them.
CCV: How do you assess what type of leadership style a teacher possesses?

KJ: By their character, learn their daily habits and how they conduct themselves on a day-to-day basis. I want to know what their personal philosophy is and how they work with people. Great character generally equals confidence. If you have great character, you can share your own confidence in students and make them feel about better about what they are doing.

CCV: What are three of the best lessons learned from great leaders?

KJ: First, I think Mr. Rogers was one of the greatest TV leaders of all time! He made each and every kid feel special. He taught that there is no one -size-fits-all when it comes to teaching.

Second, a philosopher named Jim Rohn. He taught me how to invest in people so they will invest in you, and to maintain high integrity and great character.

Lastly, I must name my husband. He has a ‘get ‘er done’ leadership model. He creates a leadership environment that gets everyone on board.

CCV: Who/What inspired you to become a teacher?

KJ: John Amico inspired me. I attended his beauty school and I continued working and teaching for him after I finished the program. He is 75 years old now and he is strong as an ox. He never quits! He was the source of inspiration for my book as well as the leadership manual I wrote. The manual is now used in his beauty school for students to learn the soft skills of dealing with clients..

CCV: As a leader, you have the opportunity to impact others lives. What is the best piece of advice you can offer students looking to follow in your steps?

KJ: I would say to study other people. If standing behind the chair isn’t in your path, try to find your true calling and your gift, share your talents with love and passion and share your excitement with everyone you meet.



Kathy Jager and Associates offers a variety of opportunities education for salon professionals, teachers and students for more information visit

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  1. kathy jager says:

    Thank you CC voices for sharing this interview as well as for giving me the platform to to help our leaders be their BEST!

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