Catching Up with CC’s Student of the Month – Arlene Corral

CC Student of the Month Arlene Corral (center) is pictured with CC's Kristen Erickson (left) and Gena Parsons (right).

CC Student of the Month Arlene Corral (center) is pictured with CC’s Kristen Erickson (left) and Gena Parsons (right).

Each month, your association will acknowledge an outstanding student currently at a local cosmetology school. They’ll receive a certificate and a gift bag full of professional products from sponsors, including: Aquage, Hair Couture, Hairlocs, Karg, Moroccanoil, Malibu C, Olivia Garden and Obliphica.

Next up is Arlene Corral, an outstanding student at Hair Professionals Career College. CC sat down with Arlene to talk about why she wants to be a salon professional.

CC: Why do you want to be a beauty professional?  
AC: It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. People have different reasons for coming in, but I always want to make people feel better. I love being around people.

CC: Who or what is your inspiration?
AC: I have 2 kids, and they are my inspiration. They love to watch me do hair and makeup, to see what it will look like at the end. They are both passionate about art, and to me hair is art. I also like to be able to inspire people. Another student recently told me she looked up to me because I always have a positive outlook. It felt really good to influence someone like that.

CC: Where do you see yourself in five years?
AC: I would like to be working in editorial advertising or fashion work. Here you can express yourself and show the art behind the hair. I am also passionate about makeup and styling, and this would be a good way to combine them all.

CC: What are you looking forward to most at America’s Beauty Show?
AC: I didn’t get to go to America’s Beauty Show this year, but I was very excited about all the artists you featured. I wish I could have taken the classes, it’s always nice to learn, and since I am leaving school soon, I will be looking for opportunities to keep learning new things.

Wow, Arlene. Can’t wait to see where you’ll go next. Here’s to the future of our industry! Check out some great hair by Arlene!

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