Allison Hansen as CC Student of the Month

Allison Hansen receiving her CC Student of the Month Award

Allison Hansen receiving her CC Student of the Month Award


Every month, Cosmetologists Chicago awards an aspiring, cosmetology student the CC Student of the Month. Teachers have the opportunity to nominate their students for outstanding work in the field. This month, CC Voices recognizes Allison Hansen of Capri Beauty College as the chosen student of the month. CC Voices sat down with Allison to learn more about her passion within the professional beauty industry.

CC Voices: Why do you want to be a beauty professional?

I have wanted to be in the professional beauty industry since I was 10. Before Capri, I was a college gymnast. I realized that wasn’t what I wanted to do, so I quit so I could go to beauty school. I followed my dreams and passion for what I really want to do. 

CC Voices: Who or what is your inspiration?

My hairstylist and mom: Natalia Shepperd. She has always encouraged me to follow my dream.

CC Voices: Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to still be working at Lisa Thomas Salon. I recently started working at the Lisa Thomas after I finished Capri Beauty College. I love the atmosphere and everyone who works there and I hope to thrive ! 

CC Voices: What are you looking forward to most at America’s Beauty Show?

I love The Runway@ABS stage presentations, specifically Redken. It is a fantastic opportunity to watch, take notes and take home new styles for my clients. I also love to shop at ABS. It’s a great to be able to stock up on the latest products!

 CC Voices: Who would you like to meet in the beauty industry or at ABS?

Make up artist – Mario Dedivanovic.

His work is amazing. He is known for doing makeup for Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and many other stars.

CC Voices was also able to chat with Thomas Seil, Vice President of Capri Beauty College, and chatted about why he recommended Alison for Cosmetologists Chicago Student of the Month.

“We had a unanimous vote for Ms. Allison Hansen. Alli is currently interning at Lisa Thomas Salon and has achieved Level 5 and is trying for Level 6 before she graduates. Alli is professional with her clients, considerate with her peers and the staff. Alli has worked on more than 200 clients and done more than 100 color services during her time with Capri Beauty College.  Alli is always working on clients or her mannequin, even though her progress sheet is already complete. She has even volunteered at several career fairs representing Capri to various High Schools in the area.”

Keep up the great work Allison!

CC Voices couldn’t agree more – looking forward to seeing Alli at next year’s America’s Beauty Show, March 25-27, 2017.

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