Achieving the Perfect “Insta-Look”

Jill Glaser created two looks on the First Mondays event at the Make Up First School of Make UpOn Monday, June 6, Cosmetologists Chicago held the first of the summers’ First Mondays class featuring Jill Glaser, founder of Make Up First School of Make Up Artistry, on the art of achieving social media makeup trends.

Here are three of Jill’s best tips for makeup artists to achieve the perfect “Insta-look”.

Skin Needs to Look Like Skin

The key to nontouring is placing highlighter where light would naturally hit the face.

“The Instagram nontouring face is lit from within,” said Glaser. Blending in highlighting shimmer on the cheekbones, forehead, tip of the nose and chin creates a naturally luminous look.

Another great way to ensure the radiance of natural skin is to wait to apply concealer until after the application of foundation. If concealer isn’t necessary or too much is applied, it can take way from the achieved brightness. Jill recommends the under eye technique of foundation, concealer, foundation.

Get Rid of Brush Strokes

 With everything being shot in high-definition, there is an added strain placed on makeup artists to ensure that make-up is flawless. A tip Jill recommends for makeup artists is to use their hands when highlighting.

“A brush mutes the feeling of the facial structure. By using my hands I am able to identify exactly where all the high points of the face are,” said Glaser.

It is all about avoiding brush strokes, whether it is using a sea-sponge as an applicator for foundation or using a dry beauty blender to blend in the finished product.

“If a brush is starting to fray, throw it away! You will kick yourself later for trying to be frugal when you can see brush strokes in photographs,” adds Jill

Blend Up, Blend Up, Blend UP!

The last tip for achieving the perfect nontouring look is to always blend high and low lighters in an upward direction. When these products are blended a downward motions, the face becomes closed.

Another tip Jill recommends is to apply blush higher on the cheek. When blush is applied to the apple of the cheek it will draw the eye down when the client is smiling. If you put blush almost under the eye, it helps draw observer’s eyes up.

Check out Jill’s model of the nontouring look!


After seventeen years of being a professional makeup artist Jill has seen it all. “Embrace the Instagram and YouTube looks! They aren’t going away. If anything they keep us on our toes,” adds Jill.

Well said, Jill. CC Voices totally agrees!


Jill Glaser, Founder of Make Up First School of Make Up at the First Mondays event



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